Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass Chicken

Ingredients :
=> 4-5 chicken legs
=> Juice of 1-2 lemons
=> 1 tsp ginger paste
=> 1 tsp garlic paste
=> Salt – to taste
=> Pepper – to taste
=> 2 tsp honey
=> Oil – for shallow frying
=> 4-5 Tbsp water
=> A bunch of fresh lemon grass
Lemongrass Chicken

=> Marinate the chicken in lemon juice, ginger glue, garlic glue, salt and pepper.

=> Heat some oil in a non stick dish, include the chicken marinade and blend for a couple of minutes.

=> Drop in the lemon grass, blend and include the water.

=> Cover and stew for around 20 minutes or till chicken is carried out.

=> Now include the nectar, blend well and cover again for a couple of minutes.

=> Serve the chicken with a lemon wedge.

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