Paneer Sizzler

Paneer Sizzler

Crisp paneer patties and stir fried mushrooms drizzled with worcestershire sauce, ketchup and vinegar, served on sizzling hot plates.

Ingredients :
=> 500 gm paneer – mashed
=> 2 bread slices – grated
=> 1 Tbsp garlic paste
=> 1 Tbsp ginger paste
=> 1 tsp salt or to taste
=> Oil to pan – fry
=> 1 cup onions-grated
=> 1 cup mushrooms-sliced thin
=> 1 Tbsp cornflour mixed with 1 cup water
=> 2 Tbsp tomato ketchup
=> 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
=> Salt to taste
=> 2 Tbsp vinegar
=> 1 tsp black pepper powdered
=> Butter to drop on the plate as required
Paneer Sizzler

=> Mix the paneer, bread, garlic, ginger and 1 tsp salt and form into 4-6 rounds.

=> Heat a thin layer of oil and pan fry the paneer patties till brown on both sides. Keep aside.

=> Mix the cornflour solution, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt and vinegar and keep aside.

=> In the same pan brown the onions, add mushrooms over high heat and stir fry 4-5 times.

=> Add the cornflour mixture, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat till a little translucent. Keep aside warm, till ready to serve.

=> Heat the sizzler plates till very hot–a drop of water thrown over should sizzle and evaporate immediately.

=> Place 2 paneer patties over it, turning once so it is heated through.

=> Pour some of the sauce over and place whatever accompaniments you are serving with it over the plate.

=> Drop a dab of butter directly on the plate and serve immediately.

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