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Khao Soi

Khao Soi

Ingredients :
-> 1 chicken-cooked, de-boned and cut into small pieces
-> 1 and 1/2 cups coconut milk, thick
-> 3 large onions, finely sliced
-> 3 cloves garlic, crushed
-> 1/2 cup chickpea flour
-> 2 cups thin coconut milk
-> 4 eggs, hard boiled
-> Some small coriander leaves, chopped
-> Green chillies, chopped
-> 500 gm rice noodles, cooked
Khao Soi

-> Cook thick coconut drain in a pot, mixing always, until it gets to be sleek.

-> Add a large portion of the onions and all the garlic and broil, mixing at times.

-> Add chicken and cook, mixing continually for a couple of minutes. Put aside.

-> Mix chickpea flour with cool water to structure a slender cream. Add slight coconut milk to the skillet and concerning a bubble mix in the chickpea flour mixture. Cook and mix continually until it thickens a bit.

-> Add the chicken and onion mixture, and stew 3-5 minutes.

-> Stir in stew oil and expel from the hotness.

-> Serve in a huge dish with noodles, cut hard bubbled eggs, crude onions, coriander and green chillies as an afterthought.

Curry Pasta

Curry Pasta

Pasta cooked with tomatoes, onions, cream and milk with the flavors of meat masala to make a curry pasta.
Ingredients :
=> 1/2 packet penne pasta, boiled till al dente with some olive oil and salt
=> 1 Tbsp oil
=> 2 Tbsp crushed garlic
=> 1/2 cup chopped onions
=> 2 cups tomato puree
=> Salt, to taste
=> 2 tsp sugar
=> 1/2 tsp meat masala powder
=> 2 Tbsp cream
=> 1/2 cup milk
Curry Pasta
Method :

=> In a pan add oil and crushed garlic.

=> Add chopped onions. Saute till light golden.

=> Add the tomato puree, meat masala, salt and sugar. Cook till the puree starts to leave sides.

=> Add cream and milk. Mix till smooth. Add boiled pasta.

=> Serve hot.

Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad

Here is a spicy chicken recipe as made by Chettiars. Full of flavor and masalas this chicken chettinad recipe will wow your guests.

Ingredients :
-> 500 gm chicken
-> 75 ml oil
-> 150 gm onions
-> 100 gm tomatoes
-> 2 gm cinnamon sticks
-> 2 gm cloves
-> 2 gm cardamoms
-> 5 gm cumin
-> 2 gm curry leaves
-> 10 gm turmeric powder
-> Salt
-> 25 gm coriander leaves
-> 100 gm onions
-> 50 gm ginger
-> 50 gm garlic
-> 50 gm fennel seeds
-> 20 gm cumin seeds
-> 25 gm peppercorns
-> 10 gm red chillies
-> 100 gm coconut

Method :

-> Grind the ingredients for the paste.
-> Clean and cut the chicken into 16 pieces. Marinate the chicken with the paste.
-> Chop the tomatoes, coriander leaves and the onions.
-> Heat oil and add the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and cumin, Saute.
-> Add the chopped onions and the curry leaves. Saute until the onions are golden.
-> Add the tomatoes and saute for 5 minutes.
-> Add the marinated chicken and turmeric powder. Saute for 10 minutes, sprinkling water at intervals.
-> Add enough salt, cover with a lid and cook until done. Add more chilli or pepper if required.
-> Serve garnished with coriander leaves.