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Batata Vada

Batata Vada

A popular snack from the streets of Maharahtra. Batata translates into potato in English. Mashed masaledar potatoes coated in a thick besan (chickpea flour) batter and deep fried till golden. Served with a tangy chutney.

Ingredients :
=> 500 gm potatoes
=> Oil for deep frying

=> 5 gm mustard seeds
=> 2 gm curry leaves
=> 5 gm turmeric powder
=> 3 gm red chilli powder
=> 10 gm green chillies
=> 10 gm ginger
=> 10 gm garlic
=> 1 lime
=> 10 gm coriander leaves
=> Salt

=> 200 gm gram flour
=> Water
=> 5 gm red chilli powder
=> 5 gm turmeric
=> 3 gm crushed cumin
=> Salt
=> 2 gm soda bi-carb
Batata Vada

=> Cook the potatoes until soft, peel and mash coarsely.

=> Chop or crush together the green chillies, garlic, ginger and the coriander leaves.

=> Using the mentioned ingredients make a thick batter.

=> Heat oil and add mustard seeds, after they crackle add the curry leaves.

=> Mix in all the rest of the tempering ingredients and add to the mashed potatoes.

=> Divide the potato mixture into equal sized portions, approximately the size of a lemon.

=> Dip each ball in the batter and deep fry until golden brown in color.

=> Serve hot with a chutney.

Pineapple Pachadi

Pineapple Pachadi

A pineapple chutney, that’s chunky, sweet and sour in one bite. You can alter the spice quotient in this pachadi by going easy on the chillies.

For the pachadi:
1) 1 cup coconut
2) 2 cups ripe pineapple, chopped
3) 2 green chillies, slit (deseeded)
4) 2 inch piece of ginger
5) Salt to taste
6) 1/2 cup water
7) 2 dry red chillies
8) 1 tsp mustard seeds, crushed
9) 1 cup yoghurt

For the tempering:
1) 1 Tbsp oil
2) 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
3) 2 whole dry red chillies
4) A bunch of curry leaves


For the pachadi:
1)Cook pineapple with green chillies, ginger, salt and 1/2 cup water, till the pineapple is soft and mushy in texture. Take out the ginger at this stage.
2)Grind the coconut and red chillies to a paste. Then add the crushed mustard seeds. Mix these with the cooked pineapple.
3)Let it boil, then remove from the flame.
4)Add beaten curd and mix well.

For the tempering:

1)Heat oil in a pan and splutter whole mustard seeds. Add red chillies and curry leaves. Pour this seasoning over the cooked pineapple. Mix well.
2)Serve with appams and stew.