tuna pasta bake recipe

Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe—highly exotic!!

The Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe is a delicious Italian dish. It can be made with ingredients available to all of us. To cook it, one will need about 600g pasta shapes such as fussily or farfalla.To makes its rich white sauce, 50g of butter is needed. Along with that you will need about 50g of plain flour and 600 ml of regular milk. To add to its flavors, you will need half tablespoon mustard powder and 200g of extra mature cheddar. For tuna, you can use 2 x 185g cans of tuna. Make sure to break up the tuna into bite-size crumbs. Along with that you will need spring water and 100g peas. Spring onions, preferably 3 in no. are also required for the Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe.

Methods for making Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F.Check the time for boiling stated on the pasta pack. Boil the pasta for 2 minutes less than the time mentioned. It softens the pasta and makes it edible and ready to be cooked.
  • For the sauce, you need to melt a medium- sized chunk of butter in a saucepan over a low heat level. Keep stirring for about one minute such that the mixture gradually darkens.
  • Slowly stir the drops of milk. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes completely smooth. Cook the sauce carefully as it is the main ingredient in a Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe.

Other steps characterizing the Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

  • Remove the pan from the heat. Pour most of the cheese in it. Add sweet-corn, peas and spring-onion. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, according to tastes Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe.
  • Now stir the cooked pasta into the sauce. Spoon the tuna into the bottom of the oven-proof dish. Next pour the pasta and sauce. Then sprinkle in the dollops of the remainder of the grated cheese.
  • Bake for a period of about 15-20 minutes until the sauce vehemently fountains in a bubbly way with a smirk, golden-brown color, to get your Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe.

Precautions to be observed for Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

  • Try to use fresh ingredients in the Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe to make the taste better.
  • Use any pasta, but bows, penne or macaroni works best Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe. To give the bake a creamy texture, add some sour cream while preparing it. To get a sweet and sour taste, a favorite among children, add some condensed tomato soup to it. It is a wholesome meal for lunch or supper.
  • You should use only one cup of whole milk, not less or more than that.
  • The Tuna Pasta Bake is a rich recipe. Do not keep the dish in normal temperature for more than 5 hours and try to consume it in 2 days, or else there is a high chance of food-poisoning.
    tuna pasta bake recipe

    tuna pasta bake recipe

Nutritional value of Tuna Pasta Bake

Nowadays, people tend to see the nutritional value of a food before helping themselves to it. The Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe is a highly nutritious food.tuna pasta bake recipe It is a rich source of carbohydrate and proteins. It does not have any Tran’s fatty acids. Apart from that the tuna in it is a rich source of fiber. It also has cholesterol and iron in it. Iron is essential for both women and children. Among minerals, plenty of sodium is present in it. Besides, vitamins A and C are also present in it. Vitamin A is good for our eyes and skin, while vitamin C helps improving our immunity. So we see that tuna pasta bake recipe, in spite of being such a low cost food is quite healthy.

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