tuna pasta salad


I am always looking for something quick and easy when I come home for lunch after the thrashing half day on my job.
So, Delicious and simple Tuna pasta salad is a great luncheon or light supper entree for me at the time.

Now let me tell you that how i came to know and got crazy for Tuna Pasta salad.

Tuna Pasta salad

So, talking about my college days, when the whole day is just like struggling, even lot of enjoyment is also there
but specially in days of summer, when the whole day is like thrashing me, so at that time the important thing that
i need is to have some pull through diet that will keep me glowing all the day. And also i was totally bored with the
usual daily snakes which infect will make me devour. So my friend Udit was the one whom i called as my savour
has taken me one day to one Italian restaurant where lot of Italian dishes and salads were there.So there i thought of
ordering an Italian Pasta dish with tuna pasta salad. And with the first morsel of tuna pasta salad only, i loved the
the whole dish. It a flavours and yummy salad dish i ever had. Along with the deliciousness of it, it also had given
me the energetic feel, that even on that hot days of summer, with struggling works, my days will easily blow over.

For the purist, tuna salad can contain just two ingredients: tuna, and mayonnaise.

Often, tuna salad is served between two slices of bread on a bed of lettuce, avocado, and tomato.

Also there are lot of health benefits of Tuna as :

  1. It Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.
  2. Tuna is a good source of omega fatty acids, potassium, protein and calcium.
  3. Tuna fish is also good for eyesight related problems.
  4. Help in controlling the blood pressure.
  5. Tuna is good for heart as it is rich in preteen also.
  6. Prevent the risk of Cancer.

different variations of Tuna pasta salad

Tuna pasta salad offers many different variations that can change both taste and texture of it. It can be customized in
terms of the type of tuna, pasta, dressing and the seasoning used.

Whether it is a main meal or a side dish, tuna pasta salad is equally as homey and can also be made at a catered event.
You can easily make it at home also and Everyone will love this Tuna Pasta Salad and they’ll never know how swift
and easy it is to make.

tuna pasta salad

Tuna Pasta Salad

If you are making it at home, you can also add Dice apple,Shred carrot,minced garlic,frozen peas and a lot
to make it more crispy and delicious. The frozen peas will cool off the pasta and the pasta will defrost the peas
Tuna pasta dishes can cover all four major food groups with the addition of cheese and vegetables.
Serving tuna is a delicious and nutritional way to take care of your family and friends.
Also Canned tuna is already cooked and this greatly reduces the amount of time needed for preparation.

With all these health benefits, nobody wants to miss the deliciousness and flavor’s of Tuna Pasta salad.
So enjoy this yummy salad with friends and family.

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